Hope this post finds everyone doing well!  We are crossing our fingers the weather allows us to get you on the new nine holes tomorrow!

In addition to Mr. Patzman’s post from yesterday, please see a few other items we want to address regarding playing the new nine holes.  

* We have talked with the USGA and we will have the initial ratings for the new nine holes at some point this evening.  They will then flip the nines in the GHIN handicap system.  Over the past year, you have been posting your nine hole rounds from the tee you played on the front 9.  On the days we have all 18 holes open, you will be able to post an 18 hole score.  After the Member-Guest, the back nine will be closed and you can continue to post scores on the front nine(or two nine hole scores if playing 18).  

* You will see Arlen’s team out there continuing their hard work.  Please, exercise caution while playing as they continue their journey in delivering one of the best golf courses in the Midwest!  We are proud of how the front nine has progressed!  The reality is the front nine is immature and we are aware of areas that still require attention.  For example, the end of #4 before the water and #7 green.    

* New #7 – Irrigation is about 50% complete.  VERY IMPORTANT!!!  There are roughly 40 holes three feet wide and three feet deep in the fairway.  These holes will be marked with irrigation flags so please be very careful when driving/walking on #7.

* The greens on the new nine are cut to the same height as the old nine.  The reality is the new greens are immature and will not roll the same speed as the old.  The new putting green should be a good gauge on how the putting will be on the front nine.  

* Visage(cart GPS) has not completed their mapping of the front nine.  Therefore, the best way to handle this is for us to turn off the GPS while playing the front nine.  Ownership is excited to give everyone the opportunity to get out there.  We expect everyone to exercise extreme caution when driving the cart.  Our expectation is for everyone to drive over the best looking turf you see and avoid the areas which haven’t grown in as well.  Furthermore, once you leave the cart path after teeing off, we expect the carts to return to the cart path where it begins on the second half of each hole.    

*Penalty areas – Interior prairie grass will be deemed a red penalty area by local rule.  Exterior prairie grass will deemed lost ball/OB.  An example of interior is the prairie grass up the left side of #5.  An example of exterior is the prairie grass on the right side of #4.  You will see white stakes defining out of bounds near the fence line.  The prairie grass on the golf course side of the fence line is not a red penalty area as it is in connection with OB.  If you find it on the golf course side of the OB stakes and in the prairie grass, you can certainly play it.

We can’t thank you enough for taking the time to read through these posts.  This is an exciting time for all of us and looking forward to your continued support.  

All the best,

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